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Godsent Foundation believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative. 

We work hard all day to make the world a better place, but we can’t do it alone. Children living on the streets of Nigeria experience tough conditions. They are abandoned and maltreated, then end up falling victims of physical and sexual abuse. In the long run, they turn to hard drugs addiction and theft in their desperation.

Each year — in dozens of communities throughout the nation — guests of honor receive free
We partner, resource and empower rural churches through training, mentoring and coaching.
Impoverished farmers and families are equipped with the skills and seeds to produce life-sustaining
We avail a great platform for great African leaders who shall some day empower Africa’s Next Generation and the whole world at large

Our Partners

Everyone at Godsent Foundation is passionate about their work, incredibly smart, and genuinely kind.

Godsent Foundation for everyone works with partner organisations
across sectors to enhance mutual learning from one another and to ensure
we are not duplicating development efforts. Partnership is in our DNA. We are proud to partner with a wide range
of organizations on a variety of projects and campaigns. When we work
together, we can increase our impact and help the country and Africa do more to deliver
global progress for everyone, everywhere. We mobilize the expertise and ingenuity of leaders from philanthropy,
business, media, civil society, and other sectors to solve global

Become a Volunteer

You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with the Godsent Foundation. This is an opportunity to create a positive impact. Together we can make a difference