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Why Partnership with Godsent Foundation?
Partnership is several people joining together to accomplish a task or meet a need that is greater than what they could do on their own. Being a partner with Godsent Foundation Partners Club is as simple as making a commitment to make a donation for a project based on the category you choose to begin with and then regularly support the foundation through your consistent monthly giving. Many people don’t have the time or the ability to travel around the world, but they are able to provide financial support —whatever the amount— and become a big part of reaching millions!

Where Does the Money Go?

Because we understand that it’s a big decision to donate your money to us, we are committed to be transparent about our financial decisions. We send reports annually in order for our partners to see all that they make possible, including a breakdown of all financial expenses.
Your Giving Means the World to those in need of it.
It’s incredible what happens when a lot of people decide to “do what they can.” We each do our part, then God adds His part and together, we make a huge impact.

Our consistent partners are given certificates and award for their contribution towards the eradication of poverty.

Under the Umbrella of Prayer
We continually uphold our Partners in prayers with a team of widows praying for our partners on a regular basis.

Will you join us?
Our goal is to reach out with God’s love and help as many people as we can. And we need every partner to accomplish our mission. That’s why we invite you to become a partner with Godsent Foundation Partners Club (GSF) today. Because together, with God’s help, we can reach the unreached and share love to people all around the world. We hope you will join us to give hope to the hopeless!

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