Our Tree Planting Work

Whereas the real motivation is to facilitate the planting of 5 million trees around local communities 100,000  per community across specific  areas in Nigeria as carbon sinks, we however focus on local issues the  local inhabitants can relate to . As for the process of planting trees itself, it is rather straightforward.

Once  the awareness has been raised enough and the seeds procured and/or collected, what follows is filling of poly-pots with loam then the nursery is setup by way of arranging the poly-pots in rows.

Filling poly-pots with  loam. This process is  labor intensive so  we are having to rely on local able bodied  youths within our  target communities.

Having setup the nursery, the following activities require some careful and perhaps technical approach. Seed treatment and scarification would determine the germination rates so must be handled in strict compliance with known procedure.

Then comes the 3 month period of watering and weeding until the seedlings are ready for tree planting. For us who merely distribute ready seedlings to the local inhabitants for onward

transplanting on their individual lands, this option yields better result than just seeds distribution.

Nursery maintenance for at least 3 month period to achieve optimum result. The actual tree planting itself must be carried out across the targeted communities within the rainy season basically in the months of May, June and July. It serves both as a medium for raising awareness and mass mobilization.

Before distributing seedlings to individuals, we ourselves plant at markets, schools and any other public space available within any target community.

Evaluation visits are followed through to ascertain success rates. This usually entails randomize visits to sites as to keep in touch with the communities where trees had been planted and motivate  them to sustain the efforts with our minimum involvement.