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The local inhabitants across Nigeria are predominantly farmers who are having to rely altogether on the formerly predictable weather patterns to grow their crops. This is however not anymore as the prevailing conditions are characterized by grave uncertainty in myriad of ways.

Not enough rain, too much rain, extended rainy seasons, intense sun never before seen etc have become the new normal in most of agrarian communities in Nigeria and in deed most of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The irony here is that each time the apparent effects of Climate Change are highlighted at International, Regional and National fora, the focus is more about bleaching Corel Reeves, Polar Beers or melting Antarctic Glaciers rather than livelihoods of the already vulnerable population clearly under significant threads of being eroded. Ultimately, these fluctuations in weather patterns portents devastating impacts on the people’s ability to provide food for themselves, get medicine or even send their children to school.

It is note worthy that these are people at the bottom of the pyramid who normally live on less than USD1 per day and have really contributed nothing to anthropogenic emission blamed for the Climate crisis wreaking havoc on them. Like this entire Banana farm razed down by fire to the peril of the man and family. Further complication is seen in the lack of the right information to these vulnerable people about what is really going on.

They are often left to self conjectures leading to current popular notions that they may have wronged their ancestors (gods) who are clearly visiting with punishment. For this reason, they tend to waste efforts towards propitiating rather than actual mitigation and/or resilience activities. Of course there is no god anywhere responsible for the current climate crisis needing some appeasement.

It is the science based evidence that human activities since Industrial Revolution have accumulated harmful green house gases in the atmosphere causing the Earth to warm up Inaction has been largely due to the main drivers being human agriculture, industry, transport etc., the same that lead to economic development and prosperity.

Notably, the per capita access to greenhouse gas emissions is effectively based on the grand inequality that is now well understood to be one of the failures and threads to the current economic model. Obviously those in the developed world account for 90% plus of historical emissions that have put the entire planet and the people that live in it in grave peril.

Notwithstanding, everybody should rise above the blame game and get involve in finding solutions that guarantee our continuous survival on our only home, the Earth.

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