Our Community-to-Community Awareness Campaign

In view of the foregoing, it is critical to raise the understanding of the rural inhabitants whose possible contributions to the solution remains fundamentally profound.

They should be guided to protect vital ecosystems and sanctuaries around them to support the climate. Their participation in well thought out programs on Tree Planting and/or the protection of remnants fragments of Forests resource around them is predicated upon grounded awareness campaigns and basic education on the issues.

A typical scene of our community-to-community awareness campaigns with all the village dwellers gathered at their square for the exercise.

In each village the services of a translator is utilized to pass the message with exactitude. To this end, our commitment is to reach about 60 communities selected strategically to impact others around their cluster across the South East, South West and North Central parts of Nigeria.

Basically we identify local issues that the people can relate to and then establish the link to climate change induced disruptions and a call to action. Key topics include:

  • Trees for land reclamation
  • Trees for sustainable Forestry
  • Trees and the Hydrological circle.
  • Trees for sustainable energy (fuelwood)
  • Trees for clean air.